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Paul Weenink
Your employees are your most expensive working capital. Do you get the most out of it? If not, De Warehouse Coach can do it for you! Contact us for further information without any obligations.

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Reduces your operational costs by an average of - 30%
Creates awareness by means of effective training - 100%
Breaks the organizational blindness - 85%
Provides you with interim management - 95%
Has a vast experience in logistics - 100%
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What we do?

A small selection of our services

Interim management

An interim manager must be able to adapt quickly to any situation, assess it well and make it his own. In case of illness or resignation…. 


If you want to cut down expenses, you’ll have to invest!Through our thorough background in logistics we are well acquainted with your challenges…. 

Coaching on the Job

After having assessed your middle management De Warehouse Coach makes a plan of action. Made to measure, as every situation is different….


Your middle management is the backbone of your organization. We draft a plan of action, based on the outcome of the assessment….