coaching on the Job

After having assessed your middle management De Warehouse Coach makes a plan of action.

Custom made, as every situation is different…

Often heard middle management problems:

  • No personal attention for employees, as time is money and the job has to be done
  • Lack of team spirit, people acting on their own (garbage-management)
  • No control, no coaching as managers are too busy doing other tasks
  • No delegation, resulting in aims not achieved
  • No managing based on KPI.

Does this sound familiar? Then read on, please.

Effective approach

After the assessment of your middle management De warehouse Coach drafts a plan of action,which is Custom made. After all, every situation is different. It’s most important that we are convinced that your employees are willing to learn and improve. Your middle management will get more aware of their contribution, which attributes to achieving your business aim.

Why choose for De Warehouse Coach?

The average coach has no special background in logistics. Of course it’s nice to have many skills available, but lack of specialism often results in misunderstanding leaving your middle management at a loss.

De Warehouse Coach has a solid background in warehousing and logistics; he makes your middle management more aware of how to manage your employees, themselves and the organization by means of KPI, delegation and communication.

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