Interim Management

An interim manager must be able to adapt quickly to any situation, assess it well and make it his own.

In case of illness or resignation or at the start-up of a warehouse the warehouse coach can fill in any vacancy; from team leader to warehouse manager irrespective of being it an operational approach or the supervision of a project.The warehouse coach has the skills to make a decisive plan of action after having made a short assessment.

Your main goal

Whether you wish a new layout of your organization, an upgrading of the working level of your middle management or the start of a new warehouse, de Warehouse Coach is familiar with the issues and draws upon a vast experience.

Success is achieved by working together

Being able to adapt swiftly to different situations and having a vast empathy the warehouse coach achieves a lot for his clients. De Warehouse Coach ensures an increase of productivity and often a cost reduction of over 30%. We create awareness among your team leaders, supervisors and operational managers. By giving guidance and effective coaching the level of your middle management will be raised, enabling them to improve their work.

De Warehouse Coach leads your middle management to more responsibility, self reliance but above all to a correct way of communicating.

Your most expensive working capital are your employees. Do you get the most out of it?

De Warehouse Coach can do it for you! For further information, please contact us without any obligations.


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