EDC manager


Never before in the history of Fellowes the costs per container have been so low. What Paul Weenink accomplished in a few months’ time is great. I’m very content with his work.

HR manager


Paul Weenink’s way of communication is clear and to-the-point. The ambiance in our warehouse has improved a lot.



Since the arrival of the warehouse coach many activities have been taken up and things have been changed for the better. Paul Weenink makes you reflect on your work and your attitude towards it. He taught us to think in possibilities instead of fighting problems.

EDC manager


The assessment of a number of our employees showed us that there was still a lot to achieve.

HR officier


It was a great pleasure working with Paul Weenink. He has a profound knowledge of logistics and a nice way of motivating employees.

Managing Director


Paul Weenink has had a very hard initiation into NNR and has done really well and I’m happy to say that I have absolute confidence in his ability to make our project a success and one that both IM/BMW and NNR can be proud of.



In a short period of time and with the necessary commitment and vigor Paul Weenink has installed and started up a warehouse in Italy for ASML/NNR. It was a great pleasured working met Paul.

Senior Interim


During the start-up of a warehouse for Samsung Paul Weenink appeared to be a true mainstay. He is quick in seeing through bottlenecks and finds appropriate solutions for them. His suggestion to manage by means of KPI (Key Performance Indicators) proved to be successful.

HR Manager


Paul Weenink is a very experienced and pragmatic coach, who in a fairly short period of time grasps what support is needed to enable employees to achieve their desired working level. He is not beating about the bush about the development of new business and confronts them with it. His people-oriented approach and his personality make Paul a highly effective coach.